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Pagination finally implemented


Posted on 2008.01.20 (09:49 PM) · By evan

I finally got around to implementing pagination in to the news/blog module. In fact, if you look near the bottom, you should see some simple page controls. Currently, one page is equal to 5 posts, but I plan on making it a configurable setting later on. The next big steps for the blog module is to add some commenting system controls, and maybe even a way to jump to specific pages rather than just going back or forward. I also updated the message center look and feel to correspond with the styles of the rest of the site, thus making it more easily controlled from CSS. I've also decided to use this nice 'off-blue' color you see as the background of news posts in other areas. It looks really friggin' sweet.

I also got around to replacing that ugly pixelated logo we had before, and added a slightly stylish, web2.0-esque logo. I, however, am willing to replace it if anybody provides me with one that we think is better.


By evan at 2008.02.05 (11:50 PM)

Oh, it looks like the pagination has a bug. On page two it is showing 6 stories instead of 5. =/ Also, the last story on page 2 is also on page 3. Hmm... Oh well, I don't want to put in the time to fix it with the overhaul in motion.

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