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Posted on 2008.01.22 (12:13 PM)

So I finally got around to building a commenting system for news posts, so now every time I show our website to someone, they won't immediately ask me why they can't post a comment. :-P

I suggest everybody checks it out. It's easy to read and easy to post! I guess the next big step in the news module will be to implement a way for users to effectively print, or send it to a friend. If I have enough time, I'll devise some way of having news posts fit in to various categories. Oh, and maybe a way that after 'x' number of characters, it cuts off the post, and gives you a 'read more' link.


By ikonic at 2008.01.22 (06:43 PM)

Great work. We can finally comment on each other posts :)

By evan at 2008.01.23 (01:44 PM)

Hah, yeah. I'm still working out a few kinks, though. I never got around to adding the BBcode parsing because I was busy playing Stronghold 2, which I received as a gift from my girlfriend's parents. :-) I know it will only be a few lines of code, and I could've added it in the time to write this comment, but w/e.

By Vortinull at 2008.01.24 (12:17 AM)


By Alysse at 2008.01.26 (02:04 PM)

This looks wonderful, Evan. =)

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