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Posted on 2008.02.05 (09:05 PM)

We've been working on a new framework that utilizes the power of factory patterns in PHP. For the most part it seems really cool and efficient. This means, however, that there won't be many noticeable updates to the current website for a while, as we need time to get the new implementation worked out, and we don't want to muck around with what we have working now.

We have also built a handy new plug-in that shows the current users online. You can see it at the bottom of the screen. Some features it includes is when you mouse over a name, it will tell you how many minutes the person has been idle, and administrators show up as red links instead of blue.

So please, hold tight while we work out the details for the new site, and check back often! You may have noticed the ads at the bottom of the page. No worries, they're temporary!


By evan at 2008.02.05 (09:50 PM)

Factory patterns rock. :-) If anybody knows some other good patterns (excluding singleton and composite), then please drop me a message and let me know.

By Alysse at 2008.02.05 (11:20 PM)

YOU rock! =) <3!!!

By evan at 2008.02.07 (07:59 PM)

I found a pretty cool pattern called the registry pattern. It's even more powerful when it's combined with the singleton pattern to create the Singleton Registry. :-)

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