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GuardedCode 2.0 Coming Along


Posted on 2008.02.18 (12:11 AM)

I've been putting a lot of time in to the new GuardedCode. Basically, if I'm not spending time with my beautiful girlfriend or doing homework,  then you can bet that I'm putting a good 60% of my time in to programming. So here is where we stand right now. We have a very good template parser worked out that is A LOT more efficient than the current implementation. The only problem with it right now is that it doesn't do any caching, but it's very extensible, so if it turns out to be worth it, we can implement that later. I also finished a session manager factory. It allows for simple communication with session data, and since it's implemented through the factory pattern, then other versions (such as a database driven type) can easily be added on later. I also worked with the theming, and now it is no longer db-based. I was surprised how much more efficient it'd make it. This also allowed for some more exotic styles to be implemented such as icons.

All in all, the project is going along incredibly smoothly. I hope that we can start writing up modules soon. The only thing left to do is set an end-date since I ported over the text encoder earlier today.


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